Food for thought in the Old Testament series

Food for thought series book covers

We’re totally thrilled to announce the forthcoming launch of our Food for thought in the Old Testament series! The series takes each chapter of the Old Testament and provides several Bite Sized Bible Studies™ for that chapter. They are ideal for:

  • Personal reflection and meditation
  • As a jumping off point for personal Bible study
  • Group discussions or family Bible time
  • As a basis for preparing Bible talks, sermons or lectures

The books are designed to be collectable and to grow into a library covering the whole of the Old Testament of the Bible.

How did we come up with Food for Thought?

The food for thought series has been a long time in the making, believe me! Beginning perhaps two decades ago, when I started writing daily comments on a daily reading website. I remember that from the get-go this became my passion, and I would start each day with an hour of Bible study followed by writing and publishing the thought for that day.

The response I have had over the years to these has been overwhelmingly positive and engaging. Bible readers of all shapes and sizes have emailed me or stopped me in person to say thank-you and to offer their comments. Mostly though, it is ordinary Bible believers who appreciate some daily food-for-thought.

This never started as an effort to cover the entire Old Testament, it just sort of worked out that way. After a few years, after I started duplicating the chapters I had already written about, I started consciously filling in the blanks. I think now I more or less have all the Old Testament covered, and that feels like a huge and worthwhile achievement.

Why cover the Old Testament, and not the New?

During the last recession my work as a Civil Engineer dried up over night. I decided to go self employed and at the same time spend more time writing. I believe it was providence that brought me into contact with a friend who worked as an acquisitions editor for a non-fiction book publisher, and I ended up writing a 400 page book with them. This in turn led to a career in publishing that spanned the rest of the recession.

With my newfound skills as an acquisitions editor I noticed that the market for books on the new testament was rather saturated, and that conversely, no-one was making a serious effort to get to grips with the Old Testament. So that was my queue to begin work on the book series. Developments with Print on Demand and electronic publishing also came into being at the right time for me to consider setting up as a small independent publisher, allowing me to have total control over the content of the books.

So this is by no means the start of the journey for us, but I hope it will be for you. I am totally biased of course, but I think you will find the books refreshingly new and totally unexpected in the ways that they challenge you to look at the Old Testament scriptures.

Take advantage of our free promotional copy offer to start your Old Testament library and join us for the ride!

Best wishes, Rob

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